Umair Khaliq is a public figure, actor and director particularly known for his comedy sketches. Umair started his career in 2011 on YouTube, posting solo videos revolving around his life and daily activities.

Soon after gaining some popularity, Umair started making comedy sketches in 2013. Ever since, Umair Khaliq has been creating videos, acting, vlogging and doing stand-up comedy.
His biggest video, pizza vs girlfriend has over 9.3 Million views on Facebook.
As of November 2016, Umair has a huge fan following of over 1.6 Million on Facebook. He has worked with a number of big YouTubers, directed videos for few and currently working on his upcoming drama.

You can follow Umair Khaliq on:
-Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/UltraUmair
-Twitter: http://twitter.com/UltraUmair
-Instagram: http://instagram.com/umairrockx
-Snapchat: umairrockx
-YouTube: Umair Khaliq