In my Kingdom of Loneliness

kingdom of loneliness

kingdom of loneliness
kingdom of loneliness

I’m a king, I’m a king.. I’m king in my kingdom and its the kingdom of loneliness. I am what I choose to be. I’m not lonely literally, I have a lot of special people around me, but I love the isolation. I get fed up with people, but not with my loneliness.  Things I  can share with myself, I can’t share with other people, my psyche doesn’t match with anyone and not that I am depressed or frustrated, its something positive, it makes me feel good and happy. The peaceful time I spend with myself is priceless.  If I spend half of my day with you, then I must spend rest of the day with myself.

I talk to myself,  I guess everybody does and it’s worth it. Every night, before going to sleep, I fast forward my day. What I did? was it good? who I met? did I say something bad to anyone? what I’m gonna do tomorrow?

Happiness is not a destination, its a way of life..    -Someone I don’t know

Everybody has a different definition of happiness, may be for me, its being lonely sometimes. Old friends curse me for not meeting them soon, new friends hate me for not coming over to parties, they think I don’t give a damn, but truth is that I love them all, but its just my way of life.. Sometimes, I don’t even talk to my sister as well, but doesn’t mean  I don’t love her.

However, YEAH, when I start talking to someone I talk too much, because it gets exciting for me because its not usual thing for me. I suck at starting conversations, but if I talk to you first, then it means I really missed you so much for no reason..

There’s a happy version of me, that you always see. There’s a top secret sad version of me. Sadness is very sweet.. I love to be sad sometimes. I have a great life, but sometimes I think of people in pain and get sad, I believe this helps me to balance my life. I got to feel for them, someone has to. Those are kind of feelings I can’t express to anyone, may be that’s why loneliness is vital thing in my life.

There’s a lot more shit to write, may be this doesn’t make sense to you, may be I failed to express what I wanted to express, may be it doesn’t make sense to me when I read it next time, but I’m not going to read it again, so pardon any mistake because I just wrote whatever was in my mind. And yeah, may be I wasted your time, sorry for that. LULS ?

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