Reality is a lie..

Reality is a lie for me. I figured that out long ago. It is nothing, but an illusion created by my mind to fit in the world. The more I think about it I realise that I am not living in the ‘reality’. I am living in my own world (like a dream world), taking life how I want to take it, living how I want to live it.

I try my best to fit in the world, but it never works out for me. I don’t know why, but life’s like a song to me.. I can only understand life lyrically. Every lyric means something. Every lyric has some hidden feelings, emotions and sentiments. I am all about feelings and sentiments. Sometimes I hate it, but I cant help it.

People are nice though. They try to teach life to me, the rules of life and how to survive in this world, but I never get it. I love it how I never get it. They think that I don’t want to understand it, but I just cant get it. It never sounds right to me. The meaning of life, world and happiness in my dictionary is totally different than what they teach me. Although I want to, but i can never explain my mind to them. They are nice people, they never ask anything about whats on my mind either.

Nobody cares about how I feel. I feel isolated. I feel trapped. I feel like I am misunderstood. I feel broken, shattered and devastated. I feel like crying out loud. I don’t belong here. I don’t feel like a part of this world. I cant escape either. I feel like all the doors are locked. There’s no way out. Somebody help me. Please help me out.. Somebody hold my hand and tell me its alright.

But I am alright. I am okay.. I am alright..
I can write more, but I am too tired to do so.

4am thoughts, straight outta my head.. Don’t mind any mistakes or errors..

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