The day I felt proud of myself

The day I felt proud of myself
The day I felt proud of myself

Dated 23/09/2013

It was a normal day at work, I work at a superstore.. My shift was ending at 9 o’ clock and only 10-15 minutes were remaining. I was so excited to go back  to home.. Well, one of the staff member came to me and asked me to keep an eye on a person as he was looking suspicious. He was looking like a shoplifter as well. So, I chased him. He was moving in different aisles, it was obvious he was noticing me as well and was trying to get away from me. However, I was quick enough to chase him..

Well I approached him. He was clearly not a pro in shoplifting. He had a red bag with him.. He turned towards me and said,

“I see you seeing me..”

He repeated this line 3-4 times and started putting the stuff he stole, from his bag to the basket. He put the basket down and said to me, “Are you a Muslim?“..

He wasn’t a Muslim and that was such a weird question for him to ask me that gave me an awkward (kinda racist) feel.. I replied,  “that doesn’t matter!“.

He said,

“Yeah, doesn’t matter, right”

“I’m homeless, I know I was doing something that’s not good, but I’m desperate.. I had no choice.. I am desperate”

He said that in such a humble way that it made me realise he was really going through something bad.. Although he was stronger than me, could’ve attacked me maybe, but maybe due to embarrassment he wasn’t able to look into my eyes..
Then I put my hand into my pocket, and he immediately said,

“are you gonna call the police now?”

I continued doing what I was going to do.. I took out my wallet. I had £10 note in my wallet, I took that out and gave it to him..

“what? You helping me?”, he said..

He couldn’t believe, he started crying and hugged me like a lil kid.. Although I didn’t hug him back (I don’t know why, I wanted to), but I was feeling for him at that moment. However, I allowed him to hug me for a second..

I said,

“Look, never do this again.. Just leave the premises before anyone else sees you”

He said, “I wont, I promise”.. His eyes were still teary and walked towards the exit, while walking he turned around and said, “you’re the best human being I’ve ever seen.”.  That wasn’t mere a compliment, but I could clearly see that was his heart saying for him, maybe because he was going to eat a good meal after days, who knows.. That day, for the first time in my life, I felt proud of myself.

It wasn’t just another incident, but it made me realise the power of love, mercy and humanity.. This is not a kind of incident I can share with someone in person, so I thought to blog about it.. Not to brag, but to show everyone the power of love.. He promised me not to steal again and I believe that was from core of his heart.. Its just not that, I realised that the peace and happiness you get after helping someone, you cant get anywhere else.. Its just pleasantly indescribable. That night, I slept in REAL peace thinking I did a good deed today..

I realised Helping is such a beautiful thing that it makes both parties happy. So, why don’t we start helping each other, lets restore the faith in humanity together! Just never hate anyone, try to sort out things with love.. With love you can change someone, you can win someone, while with hate things can only get worse, that’s my belief. I don’t know you would agree with me or not..

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